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About Us

Autoflo Technology

was founded in the year 2001 with the intention of becoming the solution specialist for liquid handling as in liquid metering, control, mixing and transferring.

After 20 years and multitude of successful installations all over Malaysia, Autoflo Technology can confidently say that our dream has become reality.

Our dosing pumps and controllers are found in applications as varied as water treatment, agriculture, livestock, cooling tower, laundry, manufacturing and more. From injection of flocculant to fertiliser preparation, medicating chicken to monitoring conductivity of cooling tower, feeding detergent into washing machines to injecting coolant for metal processing. Our dosing pump, control systems, sensors and timers are there. The insights and experience in these industries means that we understand your problem and know the solution you need.

Regardless if you are dosing chemical, fertilisers, medicine, biocides or disinfectant, our dosing pumps doses precisely the amount you need. Nothing more, nothing less. This means that you get the maximum effect with minimum wastage. Coupled with our control system, you have a complete system that is able to monitor the pH and conductivity of the water so that it only doses when required. Therefore, you can automate your entire process while keeping the quality high.

The success of Autoflo Technology is not built solely upon great products, but also upon strong customer service. Our business is to ensure that our customers’ business run without a glitch. In other words, we believe that our business with our customer continues beyond the delivery of goods. We will ensure our service matches the standard of our products.

Our Business Partners

We are the distributor in Malaysia for Dosatron International (France), Injecta (Italy), Aquarius Technologies (Australia), Fluimac (Italy) and BioGreen 988 (Singapore).

Our business partners support us well technically and commercially. Their research and development into their respective product has resulted in growing innovation and excellence. Furthermore, our engineers and technicians receive regular training to ensure continued technical proficiency to serve our customers confidently.