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Product ID: AQ001

Remote Monitoring for Water Treatment with Aquarius Ultima

The Ultima is a water treatment controller with remote monitoring functionality. This allows you to know at an instance the real-time data of your water treatment site without being there.

  • How many blowdowns has been done in the past one week?
  • What is the current conductivity level?
  • Is the dosing pump functioning?
  • How much chemical is left in the tank?

Notifications can also be sent via email or SMS to be informed of any untoward situation on-site. You are able change then respond to it via the AquaReporter portal by, for example, changing the setpoints of the different parameters, turn on the dosing pump manually, change the timer, etc. This means that any visit to the site can be reduced to only the very necessary.

The Aquarius Ultima comes with 7″ colour touch screen, displaying clearly all relevant data in one-page. This state-of-the-art water treatment controller is also able to visualise all the data in the form of graphs. It comes with a conductivity sensor, a 2-in-1 pH & ORP sensor, and a flow sensor. Other models would include Free Available Chlorine (FAC) sensor.

The Ultima provides 7-day timers with a variety of options, such as timer, timer-flow, timer-probe, etc. This range of choices allows you to decide the exact time period when to dose chemicals or control of certain functions. With 13 outputs available, you are empowered with comprehensive control over a wide range of water treatment parameters.


  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Technical Specifications

Sensors fitted

Flow, Conductivity, Temperature, pH, ORP, FAC

Communications Port

2x USB ports for use with WIFI or Ethernet, or for importing/exporting settings/data

Electrical Supply

230VAC +10%/-6% 10Amp continuously powered “clean” mains supply – Standard outputs can pull a combined total of 5A

Data Logging

1 minute data logging of all readings and outputs is standard. The controller memory can log more than 6 months of data, which can be exported to a USB memory device as CSV files or viewed on Aquareporter as graphs. All calibration data is also stored for troubleshooting

7 Day Timer

All outputs can be controlled by independent timers, to operate on an individual day, or selected days of the week, on a 4-week basis. Accessory timers using “Before”, “With” and “After” functions provide a variety of lockout or run facilities which can be programmed to operate in conjunction with each individual timer. Pre-set safety limits protect the system against high TDS, water waste, High ORP, High pH, Low pH as a result of incorrectly set accessory timers.


All settings can be downloaded to a USB memory device and uploaded to another controller if they use similar settings, or stored on a computer for archiving

Manifold Ratings

Manifolds are designed from uPVC

Press. & Temp. Rating

Rated to 700 kPa at 50 °C

Flow Rate Required

A minimum flow rate of 12 L/min is required to activate the flow sensor


Plumbing inlet & outlets are 20mm BSP fem. Threads or can be fitted with 19mm hosetails


54cm x 36cm x 21cm


15 kg

Optional Communications Package
Communication Bundle

3G modem, Wi-Fi and Ethernet to enable remote access to the controller to see live data, change settings, receive alarms via SMS or e-mail, see and download trend charts


AquaReporter website is designed for remote access to the controllers. Settings and Data can be viewed/changed as if you were at the controller.

4-20mA Analogue Input

Accepts a 4-20mA signal from an external device. Data can be calibrated to a meaningful number and is displayed on the Ultima and data logged. If desired, an output can be controlled and an alarm can also be activated.