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Auto Dosing Unit – the GreaseBuster

Product ID: IN007

GREASEBUSTER – The Ultimate Auto Dosing Unit for Successful Grease Trap Maintenance

Commercial kitchens prepare from 100 meals to thousands of meals every day, producing organic wastes namely the Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG).

If left untreated properly, these FOGs will escape into the sewer pipes and cause blockage, producing foul odour attracting flies and insects to the kitchen area. Not to mention, the cost of engaging cleaning contractors to clear up the blockages, only to have the same problem coming up every few months (in worse cases as that is how long it takes for the FOGs to build up again along the pipes) can very quickly eat into the profit of any eatery.

Grease traps are introduced to trap the FOGs, releasing cleaner water into the drainage system. However, manual removing of the trapped FOGs must be done every so often to avoid excessive accumulation of FOGs which could harden over time. Grease traps cleaning and maintenance is crucial to ensure the FOGs are properly disposed.

Proper maintenance of the grease traps is made easy by utilizing the Auto Dosing Unit (ADU) which can be easily programmed to dose liquid treatment (enzymes, bacteria, microorganism) to breakdown the FOGs effectively. The ADU is highly reliable, low maintenance and doses accurate volume of the liquid treatment. This not only saves time, it also significantly reduces manual labour, is cost-effective and most importantly ensures an efficient grease trap maintenance system.

Autoflo Technology’s very own Auto Dosing Unit, known as the GreaseBuster, is robust and precise. The calibration allows the system to dose accurately, considering factor such as back pressure which could affect a dosing pump’s accuracy. Dosing programs can easily be set on the built-in timer which has up to 5 years backup power reserve, saving users from having to reset the program due to power interruptions. Furthermore, the IP65 rated outer covers protects the unit from water projected from a nozzle and dust-tight guaranteeing optimum protection.

Technical Specifications


Peristaltic Pump
Flow Rate1.5 Litre/hour
Power Supply230V / 50Hz
Programmable Digital Timer
Program30 Programs per day/per week
Power Reserve5 Years
PVC Enclosure Box
Dimension215mm x 150mm x 85mm
ProtectionIP65 Rated (“Dust-Tight” and Protected against water projected from a nozzle)

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