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D8 Range

Product ID: DT006

The D8 is one of the models of the Dosatron water-powered dosing pump. It operates on a volumetric dosing principal, meaning that any changes in water pressure or flow do not affect the accuracy of the injection of concentrate.

The D8 has two ranges:  RE2 and RE5.

They offer two different injection ranges at the same operating flow rate and pressure. The injection rate is externally adjustable by simply turning the doser of the pump to the desired rate. The D8 is equipped with a security valve which will open and let the water flow through in case of inopportune stop of the motor. It also contains a built-in air bleeder and anti-siphon device. A built-in bypass is an option.

Also included with the pump are: mounting bracket, suction hose, weighted strainer, and quick start guide.


Operating Specifications

Self-Priming: Up to 4m

Maximum viscosity: 400 cPs (at 20 °C)

Maximum Operating Temperature: 40 °C

Maximum Operating Temperature: 5 °C



Medication – Disinfecting – Fertigation – Chlorination

Technical Specifications

D8 RangeRE2RE5
Injection Range0.2% – 2%1% – 5%
Operating Flow Range500 l/h – 8 m3/h
Operating Pressure0.15 bar – 8 bar
Concentrated Additive Injection1 l/h – 160 l/h5 l/h – 400 l/h
Connector Size1″1/2 M:BSP-NPT – 40 x 49 mm
Maximum Power Consumption0 Watt