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Biogreen 988

Product ID: BG001

BioGREEN988 is an organic-based liquid fertiliser supplement made from botanic extracts. It helps to increase yields, promotes healthy rapid growth and robustness of plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, lawns, shrubs, etc. It is suitable to be used for agricultural farming as well as home gardening.

BioGREEN possesses anti-pathogenic properties such as antifungal, antifeedant, etc. meant to reduce the vulnerability of a crop to damage from fungal disease, insect and pests. More importantly, it is done without harming the plant, thus boosting the host plant’s ability to deploy its own natural defenses to contain and eliminate the spread of the disease. In addition to that, the antifeedant properties in BioGREEN, when applied on the affected plant, will suppress the appetite of gustatory larvae and adult pests when they eat the plants. This will result in the death of these pests due to starvation.

Moreover, BioGREEN acts in a nonspecific way against the pests, thus reducing the possibility of these pests developing pathogenic resistance. These same qualities can extend the shelf life of the produce from harvest to the market stalls. This is especially beneficial for high-value soft berry fruits to minimize loss of income due to post-harvest diseases.