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Water Treatment

Water is not just one of the most precious resources in the world, it is also one of the most useful. It is the transporter of nutrients to animals and plants alike, and at the same time, the very habitat of millions of aqua life. We use it for cleaning of any kind from the home to the factory. The evaporative characteristic of water means that it is an effective agent in removing heat from a feverish body and a power plant. Water is also the used recreationally for swimming pools and other water sports.

Due to its nature as a universal solvent, it is also very easily contaminated. Some of these contaminants like bacteria and poison are harmful to living things. On the other hand, solvents like magnesium and chloride may not be harmful, they could corrode machineries like cooling towers. Therefore, water treatment is one of the most important fields in the world. The water is treated by dosing different chemicals or biocides to neutralise or remove the effects of the contaminant.

Autoflo Technology provides dosing pumps for water treatment to dose the needed chemical inhibitors, flocculant or biocides. They can be used for waste water treatment, cooling towers or swimming pools. Take a look at our range of dosing pumps most widely used for cooling towers.

The dosing pumps are most commonly used in tandem with our controllers. The controllers constantly monitor the conductivity and pH of the water through a conductivity sensor and pH probe. Once the controller senses a deviation, it will automatically signal the dosing pump to work.

For a complete solution, we highly recommend to get our integrated control system consisting of the dosing pumps and controllers. This is because dosing the chemical inhibitor and biocides at the right time and quantity goes a long way in maintaining the operating efficiency and cost of a cooling tower or the cleanliness of the swimming pool.

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