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In livestock farming, medicating and disinfecting of the livestock is essential to the animal’s welfare. Medicines like antibiotics, probiotics and enzymes, and supplements such as vitamins and minerals ensure healthy growth of the animals. Vaccines are also important to prevent diseases from occurring and spreading among the animals. The spread of virus or bacteria could lead to culling of the entire stock, leading to great losses to the farmers. In addition to that, it is also important to the health of the human who consume the meat. Virus or bacteria that enters into the human body could result in sickness and, potentially, also death.


Typically, the preparation of the medicine takes place in a large, elevated water tank. Workers manually fill the tank with medicine and then stir the mixture. This manual work usually leads to inaccuracy in the medicine-to-water ratio and low mixing quality. Leftover medicine, supplement or vaccines past the expiry date will lead to premature disposal, leading to wastage. Besides that, such manual preparation requires a lot of labour, which increase operational costs.


Autoflo Technology has been supplying automated feeding system for livestocks industry in Malaysia for close to 20 years. The automated feeding system eliminates the manual preparation and mixing of the medicine. Therefore, you are able to eliminate a portion of your labour costs. At the same time, the dosing pump only doses the medicine when the water flows through it, meaning that no more unnecessary disposal of valuable medicine. The high dosing accuracy also means that there will be no underfeeding nor overfeeding of the animals. Besides that, the monitoring system also constantly maintains the quality of the feed to ensure healthy and disease-free livestock.


The dosing pump we offer as part of the automated feeding system is the Dosatron. It offers a range of pumps operating at flows varying from 5 l/h to 20,000 l/h at pressures varying from 0.3 bars to 10 bars. Depending on the kind of treatments you use, the dosing levels range from 0.07% to 25%, while new materials resistant to the most highly concentrated organic acids are all available.


With our automated feeding system for livestocks, we will be able to help you manage your livestock more efficiently and smartly.