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Autoflo Technology offers dosing pumps and control systems in all types of industries.


Our dosing pumps are used in the preparation of disinfecting and detergent solutions in the food processing industry to maintain the high level of hygiene and sanitation required. We also provide for the dosing of wetting agent for offset and dosing of silicon for finishing in the printing industry. The metal processing industry use our pumps for injecting coolant onto the metal surface to prevent from overheating.


Other applications are:

  • Chemical Dilution & Preparation System
  • Water Powered Chemical Dosing System
  • Track Lubrication
  • Aluminium Die Casting
  • Chemical Process Engineering
  • Electronic / Semiconductor


In all of these industry, we have been a reliable partner in providing pumps with accurate dosing, and constant flow rate and pressure. In addition to that, our Dosatron pump, which runs on water, is able to help you significantly cut down on your energy cost.