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Irrigation is a 5000 year-old technology that had revolutionised the agriculture industry. In recent times, the irrigation system continues to modernise with the advent of technologies like drip irrigation, sprinkler systems, etc. These new technologies offer benefits such as better water efficiency, prevention of disease to crops, etc. Complementary to these systems is an automated fertigation system which reduce manual labour during the process of fertiliser preparation. Not only that, it also increases the accuracy of the quantity of fertilisers and reduces wastage of fertilisers.


Conventionally, the fertiliser preparation part of the irrigation system begins with a large, elevated water tank being manually filled with fertiliser and then manually mixed. This manual work usually leads to inaccurate fertiliser-to-water ratio and low mixing quality. After a certain period of time in the water, the effectiveness of the fertiliser will diminish, leading to the need to dispose of them prematurely, leading to wastage.


Autoflo Technology offers an automated fertigation system to automatise the fertigation preparation and distribution systems using our water-powered dosing pump (Dosatron). First, the irrigation water powers the pump as it runs through it, initiating the piston-like mechanism which injects the fertiliser into the water. The fertiliser and the water mixes in the pump, then are driven out into the piping system before finally arriving at the roots of the plants.

This completely eliminates the need for manual adding of fertiliser into water and mixing of solution. Besides that, it will also increase the quality of the fertigation due to more accurate dosing and mixing. Since the fertiliser only mixes with water at the point of dosing, its effectiveness remain unaffected. All in all, savings can be made in the reduction of labour cost and stop in premature disposal of fertiliser.