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Fertigation system is one of the most significant technological innovations introduced to the agriculture sector. It has contributed to tremendous increase in yield and decrease in labour for farmers.

For that reason, the fertigation system (sistem fertigasi) is popular among farmers in Malaysia planting chili, rock melon, cucumber, fig, etc. However, most of the farmers largely operates the system manually, in particular, the fertiliser preparation process (proses penyediaan baja).

Conventionally, the fertiliser preparation goes like this: Fill up the storage tanks with water, and then pour in concentrated liquid fertilisers (pati baja) into the tanks to be mixed with the water. Next, measure the concentration of the fertiliser solution (EC Level) using an EC tester. If the EC Level is below the target value, add more fertiliser; if it is above, add more water. Finally, start the irrigation pump to begin fertigation.

Autoflo Technology offers an automated fertigation system to automatise the fertiliser preparation process using our water-powered dosing pump (Dosatron).

Our automated fertigation system does away with manual preparation of fertilisers, meaning that you could reduce the number of workers for your farm. This is especially helpful with the current difficulty in hiring foreign workers in Malaysia.

while increasing the accuracy of the fertiliser concentration due to more accurate dosing and mixing.

Another advantage of using the Dosatron fertiliser for your fertigation system is that it does not need any storage tanks for mixing water and fertiliser. This is because it operates on a continuous or in-line preparation method.

For farmers who want to monitor their farms from afar or to analyse their farm performance using data, we are able to offer the Dosatron Smart Fertigation System.  We use sensors for soil moisture, EC (for water and soil), pH (for water and soil), humidity, temperature, rain, NPK and salinity to collect data of your farm condition and relay the information to you real-time via the internet.

We are able to design and set up your entire automated fertigation system comprising of water pump, pipes, valves, drippers, valves, controllers as well as the the Dosatron fertiliser injector.


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