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Autoflo Technology is present in a wide range of markets in Malaysia, like water treatment, horticulture, cleaning, industrial and livestock. Our products like the water-powered dosing pump (Dosatron), solenoid-driven diaphragm pump (Athena & Olimpia), peristaltic pump (Nike), piston-driven metering pump (Taurus), air-diaphragm pump (Fluimac), and water treatment controllers (Aquarius) are used in all sorts of applications in these industries.

Besides that, we also supply BioGreen 988, a nutrition supplements for plants.

Water Treatment

Water is not just one of the most precious resources in the world, it is also one of the most useful. It is the transporter of nutrients to animals and plants alike, and at the same time, the very habitat of millions of aqua life. We use it for cleaning of any kind from the home

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Fertigation system is one of the most significant technological innovations introduced to the agriculture sector. It has contributed to tremendous increase in yield and decrease in labour for farmers. For that reason, the fertigation system (sistem fertigasi) is popular among farmers in Malaysia planting chili, rock melon, cucumber, fig, etc. However, most of the farmers

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In livestock farming, medicating and disinfecting of the livestock is essential to the animal’s welfare. Medicines like antibiotics, probiotics and enzymes, and supplements such as vitamins and minerals ensure healthy growth of the animals. Vaccines are also important to prevent diseases from occurring and spreading among the animals. The spread of virus or bacteria could lead to culling

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Autoflo Technology offers dosing pumps and control systems in all types of industries.   Our dosing pumps are used in the preparation of disinfecting and detergent solutions in the food processing industry to maintain the high level of hygiene and sanitation required. We also provide for the dosing of wetting agent for offset and dosing of silicon for finishing in the

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Laundry shops have become more and more popular in Malaysia. Especially among urban dwellers, whose schedules are filled with work, family and social life, time spent on laundry is a luxury they cannot afford. These laundry shops’ self-service or pickup service offer them a cheap and convenient option that frees up their time and worries. All they need to

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