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Injecta S.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer with 40 years of experience in the dosing pump sector.


We mainly provide four types of Injecta pumps:


They are available with analogue and digital setting. The dosing pumps are used mainly in applications such as water treatment for cooling tower, washing machine and dish washer, and swimming pool. The pumps also offer inbuilt timer and other more sophisticated controllers.


The range of Injecta pumps available offer flow rate range (from as low as 1.5 ml/h to as high as 460l/h) and pressure range (0.5 bar – 20 bar). A double manual flow regulation is available to adjust from 0% to 100%.


The strong focus on research and development of new technologies results in constant improvement to the quality and reliability of the products. Injecta has emerged as a well-known company on the international market among the most important pumps and dosing systems manufacturers.