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Autoflo Technology is the sole distributor of Dosatron in Malaysia.

Dosatron, a water-powered dosing pump, is a product of Dosatron International S.A.S., based in Bordeaux, France. The dosing pump operates solely on the flow of water, without the need for electricity nor pneumatic power. This water-powered dosing concept was invented by two French brothers by the name of Jean and Philippe Cloup in 1974. Their brainchild has since been awarded the Grand Prix of Innovation by the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), a tremendous recognition of its technological innovation.

The Dosatron is usually set directly in the water supply line, harnessing the power of water to actuate the piston-like mechanism of the pump. This piston-like movement takes up the desired amount of concentrate into the pump chamber. The injection ratio can be easily adjusted by turning the doser up or down on the inbuilt calibration scale. Once the concentrate is in the chamber, it mixes thoroughly with the water before flowing downstream.

The high dosing precision of the Dosatron gets rid of under-dosing and overdosing of concentrate. Thus the effectiveness of the dosing can be ensured while wastage can be avoided. Another factor that adds to the accuracy of the dosing is the volumetric dosing principal of the pump. This means that any changes in water pressure or flow do not affect the accuracy of the injection of concentrate.

Some other characteristics of the Dosatron pumps are:

  • Self-priming up to 4 m
  • Works with high viscosities
  • Insensitive to degassing products
  • Guarantee of homogeneous solutions
  • Easy reading and adjusting of desired injection ratio
  • No risk of damage to pump if work without concentrate

After more than 40 years presence in the market, the Dosatron water-powered dosing pump is extensively used in applications such as livestock feeding, farm fertigation, water treatment, and other industrial application, etc. The range of Dosatrons available offer injection range (from as low as 0.2% to as high as 25%), water flow range (4.5 l/h – 30 m3/h), operating pressure range (0.12 bar – 10 bar) and concentrated additive injection range (0.003 l/h – 400 l/h) that will definitely cater to your need.

How does the Dosatron work?