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Aquarius Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of water treatment controllers. Founded in Australia in 1989, Aquarius water treatment controllers are widely used in cooling tower, swimming pool and others.


A good water treatment controller is useful to increase the number of cycle of concentration, reducing the amount of blowdown, thereby optimising the usage of water and chemical. The Aquarius controller possesses a smart safety feature for conductivity, pH, ORP and chlorine which prevents overdosing of chemical. Also, the controller is able to help you save a large amount of water and chemical through avoidance of the pre-bleed function. The Multiple Timer Options feature on the water treatment controllers offers an extensive range and combination of options for chemical dosage and functions control.

In addition to that, the smartphone-style user interface of the controller, complete with a touchscreen, allows for instanteneous reading of live data and historical graphs. Besides that, remote monitoring and control is also possible. This enables you to track and control your water treatment process from afar on a smartphone or computer. Thus, you are able to see live data, change the settings, download reports and receive alerts from the comfort of your office.


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