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Our daily purpose at Autoflo Technology is to make a difference for our customer through the way we know best — expertise and excellence.

We deliver our expertise and excellence in industrial water treatment, in medical devices disinfection, in metal processing cooling or at the printing press.

Our expertise and excellence have helped to feed medicine to livestocks so that they are safe to be consumed by people.
They help to irrigate farms with nutritious fertilisers so that the farmers have a healthy crop.
They help to ensure that waste water are safe enough to return back to the river.

Therefore, at Autoflo Technology, we are looking for solid engineering and technical experts who are not only able to find problems easily but also ably and sustainably solve them. We want professionals who embody our culture of excellence, whose commitment to quality is unquestionable, in our team. We are looking for people who can take us one more step forward.

If you fit the description, then apply now!

See below for vacancies:

Malaysian agriculture is still very traditional and manual, resulting in very low yield and productivity, which is why our farmers are poor. The reason for this is that farmers here do not employ science and technology. This is where we, Autoflo Technology, step in. We are a provider of precision and smart fertigation system in

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Sales Engineer – Industrial Market

Date Posted: September 25, 2020

We supply a variety of chemical pumps (metering pumps, air operated diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, etc.) and instrumentation to a wide segment industry. We also provide customised solution for automated chemical dosing skids. Job Description – Develop new customer base and grow your target industries, while also servicing existing customers – Perform proactive

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General Clark cum Account Assistant

Date Posted: February 19, 2020

We are looking to add to our team a role that supports the company’s accountant and director with regards to all accounting procedures and general administration works in the company. It also includes working with account receivable, account payable and inventory. Your task includes: Handle Autocount Accounting software and data entry into accounting software. Preparing

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